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Wing, flap, aileron or rudder coffee tables


Wing, flap, aileron or rudder coffee tables

These one of a kind creations tell the tales of history. Many hours of work and polishing has taken this rusty part and given it new life, even though most of the dents have been banged out, these unique art pieces tell a story for its next journey.


Are you after a unique office desk, conference table, or coffee table?

AViART Australia creates desks and tables from aircraft wings, flaps, ailerons, stabilizers, and rudders. Each piece is a one of a kind creation, designed to suit your needs, fit into your décor and tell your story.

Upon expression of interest, we will work in finding the right platform to suit your needs. Whether that is starting with a type of aircraft you have flown before (even actual aircraft), or us sourcing a type that fits your purpose.

We then start work on the design. Orientation of how the desk/table will be used, situated in your home/office/man cave/hangar, it’s purpose and how you want to present it is all part of our planning and design process.

AViART Australia is proud of the mirror polished skills we have developed in producing our pieces. But we can also provide desks with specific colour schemes and/or logos.

Our current stock of platforms includes:

eJet right wing
8m (L) x 1.4m (W)
Suitable for office desk or coffee table
Cessna 402 Rudder
___m (L) x ___m (W)
Suitable for office desk or coffee table


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