Propeller SculpturesPropeller Sculptures

All mirror polished with custom artwork. Grab a piece of Australian Aviation History, reborn as functional and collectable furniture.


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AViART Australia aircraft propellers make for a unique floor sculpture that can be decorate your office, home, man cave or hangar.

Each piece is distinctive, and custom made. Picking through boneyards and scrapyards, AViART Australia isn’t looking for any propeller. It must have a story or come from an aircraft that had lived a unique life.

Some propellors were damaged and no longer airworthy. Others have come from military aircraft, collected and held by service men and women who flew or maintained that type after they were decommissioned.

Each piece is restored and polished to a finish that is “better than new”. We can match and custom design the finish to suit your style and budget. They can be floor or wall mounted but are also suitable for cabinets and display buffets.

Enhance your décor with a custom handmade AViART Australia Propellor.

Why not consider an AViART Australia propellor as a gift?

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Dimensions 500 × 1000 × 130 cm