Engine Cowlings

Taking the simple airplane engine cowling and turning it into working art! These integral engine parts are quite often unique to their specific aircraft type, and provide us with an exciting opportunity to create wall mirrors, shelves or even a unique table base that will not only stand out as a centre piece for any…



An aircrafts engine cowling is specifically designed to not only protect the engine, but to provide efficient airflow by reducing drag, and to provide engine cooling by directing airflow through to the engine.

Over the decades, we have seen many different aircraft types with uniquely designed engine cowlings. The modern jet engine provides the perfect platform for a mirror or shelving, whereas retired propellor engine cowlings come in all shapes and sizes with unique airflow intakes that can become a focal piece in your office or home.

At AViART Australia, we strip down the engine cowling, ensuring it is free of any paint, oil and grease. We sand and buff the exterior to a fine mirror finish to ensure each piece reflects our highest of standards.

Whether you would like a wall mounted mirror, a unique shelving cabinet, or to form the base of a desk or coffee table, we can offer you some extraordinary pieces that will become a centre point for any office or home.

You could also consider an engine cowling painted or vinyl wrapped. Maybe it’s an aircraft you flew, or a military unit that you served with.

Currently stocked in our Boneyard are:

  • 1940’s B24 Liberator engine cowling (one only). CLICK HERE for more details
  • 1950’s Canberra Bomber engine cowlings. CLICK HERE for more details
  • Boeing 727 (Dallas Cowboys). CLICK HERE for more details
  • Fokker 100 engine cowlings. CLICK HERE for more details


Enquire today for any of the above pieces, or if you have an Engine Cowling that we could help repurpose for you.