Galley CartQANTAS

December 2, 2020by aviartadmin0

QANTAS (standing for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd) was founded in 1920 and has become Australia’s main global carrier. With such a rich history, the QANTAS fleet has comprised of nearly every major aircraft type used for passenger transportation.

In October 2019, QANTAS’s last Boeing 747 was retired with the first taking service in 1971. As the main aircraft type for the airliner during this period, the 747 had become synonymous with QANTAS, providing outstanding service and reliability.

Rob has been able to acquire a number of authentic QANTAS Galley Carts in recent years, with authentic QANTAS plates and markings. These are becoming rare as airliners outsource Food Service equipment and no longer owning the galley carts.

These historic pieces of airline equipment are given the AViART Australia refurbishment, with new running gear and a new lease of life. With the choice of a mirror finished polish, pop-rivets or even a vinyl wrapping in your favourite airline or football team livery, a QANTAS Galley Cart will be the centre piece of entertainment at your home or office.


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