Custom aviation furniture from retired aircraft

Rob Pearson

Founder/owner/artist Rob Pearson is a career pilot who has collected unique aircraft parts since he was a child. Learning to fly before he could even legally drive, Rob started creating furniture out of aircraft parts in his spare time while waiting for his next flights.

Not afraid to get his hands dirty, Rob has picked through boneyards in the middle of nowhere. Rob will look at an aircraft part and see the vision of what it could be as a repurposed piece of furniture or art. He has worked with customers from all around the world and is passionate about creating a piece that is unique to you and representing a special moment in your life.


We love what we do.

AViART Australia was founded in 2013 out of the love for all things Aviation and the passion for preserving important pieces of the airline industry. Rather than seeing the jewels of the sky’s being sent to the scrap heap, AViART Australia repurposes aircraft, their parts and equipment into extraordinary, functional pieces of furniture and art.


Bringing historic and retired aviation to your living room.

In the modern society, the average person looks at an aircraft and sees a flying bus. A means for them to commute to where they need to be. The amazing feat that flying represents, the pure physics of an aircraft lifting off the ground and floating through the air to your destination, is lost to the average commuter.

Through the heyday of flying in the 1950’s & 60’s, flying was viewed very differently. Pilots and crew were respected as adventurers with capabilities beyond the average person. It was an exhilarating experience that took you to destinations never before possible, in an amazingly short timeframe.

Here at AViART Australia, we bring that sense of adventure and passion back in each and every piece that is hand crafted and designed specifically for you.

Our vision is for keeping the history of flight alive, through the creation of functional furniture and art from actual aircraft parts. Each and every piece from AViART Australia is from real aircraft that have been retired and destined for scrapyards. We believe the history needs to be kept alive!

Whether it’s picking through Airline Boneyards, or foraging around airports and airstrips in the middle nowhere, we find retired or damaged aircraft and with a little sweat, a lot of passion, and an imagination for beauty, we repurpose wings, stabilisers, fuselages, rudders, ailerons, galley carts, seats, cockpit dashboards, engine cowlings … you name it, and we can see the opportunity for retired aircraft to be given a new life serving you as a focal piece in your office, home, man-cave, studio or hangar.

If you have aircraft parts or a unique piece of equipment that you would like repurposed as a show piece, then AViART Australia can help you realise your dreams. Our boneyard also has an extensive range of aircraft equipment suitable for creating any listed piece in our shop.

So please explore our website. I hope you’ll see the passion and love for aviation that goes into every piece.